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There's No Way, Chapter 49 by MviluUatusun

There's No Way, Chapter 49


Michael leaves the hospital and goes home. He's met by Buddy and Me-you who mew constantly until he feeds them. After feeding them, Michael takes his shower, makes his breakfast, and leaves for work. After arriving at work, he decides to visit Mr. Blaidd and tell him what happened Friday night. Mr. Blaidd decides that everyone should know the story so he calls all the VPs out of their offices and Michael tells the story of the accident.

Later in the day, Amanda's co-workers and friends, decide to visit her where they have to contend with Ophelia. Ophelia in her normal attitude decides that the six of them are causing Amanda stress and orders them to leave and never return. However, Jacob arrives and tells Ophelia to stop preventing Amanda's friends from visiting her. Later, after a discussion on the merits of humans, Jonathan calls her a bigot and uses the classic definition of bigot on her. This upsets Ophelia and she cries on Jacob's chest.