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Marooned on Tashoo, Chapter 24 by MviluUatusun (critique requested)

Marooned on Tashoo, Chapter 24 (critique requested)


Because of the success he and Rora have been having recently while hunting, William is summoned to the Suala Ka'ynony to speak with the Aka'. They send him on a hunt to try to learn how he and Rora are capable of obtaining meat when hunting parties are failing to bring in any. He also learns why the name of the Ka'yno sounds so familiar. When William arrives at the hunting lodge, he has a mild run-in with a couple of the hunters until his friend, Lo-Katoo informs them that William has knowledge that they don't. Upon arrival at the hunting grounds, William, Katoo, Naka and Kyna go out scouting for prey with unexpected results.