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Marooned on Tashoo, Chapter 25 by MviluUatusun (critique requested)

Marooned on Tashoo, Chapter 25 (critique requested)


William, Kyna, Naka, and Katoo are attacked by a Chakootoa, the most dangerous herbivorous animal on Tashoo. William is knocked temporarily unconscious. When he awakens, he sees Kyna doing one-on-one battle with the Chakootoa. As Kyna fights the Chakootoa, William finds Katoo severely injured. After hearing Kyna's roar of victory, the rest of the hunters appear and, after looking at Katoo, are filled with fear and dread. William gets Katoo drunk, and, after referring to his chronoputer for assitance, repairs the his injuries and saves his life. The next morning, Katoo experiences his first hangover. Despite the pain, he isn't in an overly foul mood; he is, actually curious as to what happened.

After eating breakfast, the hunting party returns to Talo-Vy. Upon arrival, Naka, Kyna, William, and the four litter bearers, bring Katoo to the Suala Ka'ynony. Upon seeing Katoon injured, rather than thanking William for saving his brother's life, Nachoo demands that he pay the price he promised. Once again, William shows he's smarter than Nachoo and avoids a death sentence. Nachoo and Katoo speak enigmatically of a law that will be of help to William and must be obeyed. Doctors appear and tell William they are impressed with that he did to save Katoo's life and ask him what he did and what they need to do to assist in the healing process.