GG Elemental Force: Cyber House Members by MugoUrth

GG Elemental Force: Cyber House Members


6 March 2014 at 07:00:48 MST

I'm not dead, I just don't seem to come here a lot. But anyway, we have another portrait here, this time with cybernetic characters. To the left is the impenetrable wall, Force Shield. To the right is Steam Skunk's sister, Cyber Skunk, AKA arguably the hottest Elemental Force member (If you could really call ANY of them hot). And in the center is the Cyber House's leader, Shineblade of the Rachnus Empire.

Name: Volos Cortok
Nickname: Shineblade
House: Cyber
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Species: Spider
Bio: Volos does not come from Animababylon. Like the sinister one "The Cloak," Shineblade is an alien. Shineblade comes from another planet inhabited by instects and arachnids. Shineblade was a warrior of the Rachnus Galactic Army. They had their brush-in with the planet destroying "The Cloak" before The Cloak went to Animababylon. Shineblade and the Rachnus army were the first planet to fend off The Cloak over 10 years ago.
...But the Rachnus Empire only fended him off. After Shineblade hears of his return in Animababylon, Shineblade decided to lead a battalion to Animababylon to help. Shineblade is the only survivor of his battalion after a huge battle with Cloak's army. He was one of the last members to join the Elemental Force, but with his experience against the Cloak he easily became head of the Cyber House.

Name: Arnold Bash
Nickname: Force Shield
House: Cyber
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Armadillo
Bio: Despite his appearance, Force Shield isn't the strongest critter around. Or the fastest. ...Or the most athletic. But he's very intelligent. He's a nerd at heart, but a fighter by nature. Captivated by the indie-superhero movement, Force Shield went out there with a set of gadgets he made himself: High-tech shields impervious to almost anything except certain electrical magic.
While the first member of the Cyber House, he is still considered a rough diamond in the group. But to no surprise, he brings to the table even other Cyber house members cannot, a superlative intellect. He often helps the leader of the Cyber House out at times when making decisions.

Name: Shelby Markson
Nickname: Cyber Skunk
House: Cyber
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Skunk (Obviously)
Bio: Shelby Markson is the twin sister of Tybalt Markson. They both always wanted to be police animals, and they both trained hard to become so. Each of them specializes in a type of weaponry on the force. And these two skunks are nothing like Neal and Lane, besides the fact that they're normal twins and not Siamese ones. Steam and Cyber are like the best of friends: Going together like PeeBee and Jay.
Cyber Skunk deals in a more speedy arsenal, and wears excessive cyber-tech armor and wields cyber-tech guns. Like her brother, she can be a bit snarky towards others, but is generally nice. She is very athletic, and can do handstands with one hand.

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