Petroleum Pinniped WIP 1 by MugoUrth (critique requested)

Petroleum Pinniped WIP 1 (critique requested)


9 April 2014 at 18:18:11 MDT

Here is a WIP I'm doing for Smogon's latest CAP project. The object is to make a design for a Fire/Water Pokemon, and immediately I thought: Oil. Make a Pokemon that would look at home near an offshore oil rig. But originally I started with something that resembled Hot Head from Skylanders, except metallic. Plus I didn't want to make it look too much like Pyroak my giving it gun arms.

Eventually I got the idea of a seal to go with the water element. I made it's head topped with an oil spout, its arms and tail are covered in an oil pattern, and it's torso is shaped like a big Jerry Can. Its tail is also tipped with two gasoline dispensing devises to add more to the oil motif. And finally, the arms are coming out of Jerry Can nozels to add the final touches. ...However this design still isn't finished.

I need help with the overall idea. But mainly, my idea going into the contest is: I'm not a very good artist, so to compensate I try to have a strong idea. I hope this is strong enough.

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