GG Elemental Force: Thunder House Members by MugoUrth

GG Elemental Force: Thunder House Members


4 January 2014 at 07:09:42 MST

No one payed attention to my other group portraits, but I hope this cute one draws some attention. In the middle is Battery, the most heart-melting adorable creature on the planet: A cute, fluffy little bat! (...I'm obsessed with bats.) To his left is Morning Scar, the kind and courageous bull with the giant flail. And to... Ahem... To Battery's right is the limelight hog Shock Rave. What a jerk!

Name: Otis Fletcher
Nickname: The Battery
House: Thunder
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Species: Bat
Bio: Otis always wanted to be a performer, so he joined the circus, the same one Gear Head was attending. ...But the circus already had acrobats, magicians, tamers, and clowns. The only thing the circus didn't have was a good freak, which Otis didn't fill the part of. But Otis was desperate, so they struck him a deal. They turned him into a freak by amputating an electric plug into his tail and placed under his fur fine layers of rubber to ward off electricity. It was then he became known as The Batter.
The Battery joined the Elemental Force at the same time as his friend Rupert Gierheidt did and was appointed the leader of the Thunder House.

Name: Kia Achotosh
Nickname: Morning Star
House: Thunder
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Species: Bull
Bio: Morning Scar isn't your typical meathead. He's kind, generous, and always doing good deeds. With his trusty electric flail, he goes out and fights evil doers and giant monsters whenever he can. No one pays him, he just does it cause he's that kind of person. Hey may not be the strongest mass of muscles, but he's arguably one of the smartest and calm-headed.
Morning Scar was a shoe-in for the Elemental Force. He knows how to use the flail. Just swing it around and hit stuff. His flail is massive, and loaded with an electric generator inside. It does need to be switched out from time to time, but that's the price you pay for a powerful weapon.

Name: Arias Sanchez
Nickname: Shock Rave
House: Thunder
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Tiger
Bio: Shock Rave is the lead guitarist for the band of the same name. This cool cat plays concerts all around the world. ...And has seen his fair share of riots and brawls. Shock Rave, like most of the Elemental Force members before they joined, is a skilled Mancer, in his case, he's an electromancer. He's often had to use weak lightning magic at a concert to calm unruly fans, but he makes sure he doesn't go too far.
But in the long run, his band was losing popularity after too many injured animals arouse from Shock Rave's magic. Shock Rave wanted to find a way to win back fans. Joining the Elemental Force was the perfect opportunity for him to advertise himself and his band. ...And yet... you have to wonder how the application process works at the big EF.

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