GG Elemental Force: Water House Members by MugoUrth

GG Elemental Force: Water House Members


28 December 2013 at 07:58:48 MST

Will I ever be noticed? :(

Three more characters, a Narwhal who's an incredible fencer, an alligator who's sure-shot enabled his celebrity status, and a giant not-so-enemy mechanical crab.

Name: Agatha Fielders

Nickname: Touche

House: Water

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Species: Narwhal

Bio: Narwhal's are one of the few true Unicorns on planet Earth, as well as on Animababylon, Grah and Gina's home planet which I finally decided to give a name to. And Touche, in particular, uses her horn as a rapier at times in a fight. She often competes in Fencing events, and like Flame Fanner, is an undefeated champion. It's almost as if her and Flame Fanner were polar opposites, because while Flame Fanner can also Firemance pretty well, Touche can Watermance.

Not surprising, she is captain of the Water House. Touche generally combines her watermancy and fencing skills in one. You can often see her and Flame Fanner looking at each other at times, as if they were really good friends.

Name: Arthur Brocken

Nickname: Croc Shot

House: Water

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Species: Despite being named "Croc" Shot, he's actually an Alligator.

Bio: Croc Shot is a pirate. ...A movie pirate. In other words, an actor. Known for his acting career, Arthur made his name known as a professional gunslinger. He's used many types of guns in his movies, but his favorite were the jet pistols. Don't let his role as an actor fool you, he's a legitimate sharp shooter.

An unlikely choice for the Elemental Force, but being a water breather who works best in water, he can bring some interesting tactics to the table. Besides water-powered jet pistols, he can summon his own water as well.

Name: Roto Gurngenir

Nickname: Battle Crab

House: Water

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Species: Crab

Bio: Battle Crab: The latest in cybernetic technology. Battle Crab is a product of engineering, much like a weapon created to fight crime: Like Captain America. He's been used in many missions to fight off criminals, and has proven effective so far. He has bubble cannons in both of his claws. His right claw is a detachable boomerang. His left claw is a grappling hook. And both his claws have half of a Cancer symbol on it.

Battle Crab DOES have a mind of his own, despite his technology, but most of it is cybernetic. Eventually he was transfer... *ahem* "Donated" to the Elemental Force. He is very loyal and does what the others say.

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