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GG Elemental Force: Earth House Members


11 December 2013 at 07:11:29 MST

More members of the Elemental Force. The captain of this place is Boom Bang Badger, a construction worker who deals with bombs (And is not just a Boomer/Ziggs wannabe). The little one is Ursa Minor. He's incredibly strong for his age, and is the youngest member of the Elemental Force. Ironically Thumper, who is the tapir Ursa is currently lifting up, is the heaviest and second biggest member. Also a professional wrestler.

Name: Reese Nal

Nickname: Boom-Bang Badger

House: Earth

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Bio: Boom-Bang Badger is, of coarse, a construction worker and a bomb-expert. He knows how to swing a pick and use a pipe bomb to blow up walls. But he's not just any construction worker, he's a hero. It's almost like a weekly basis that something bad happens. Reese has caught many fallen workers, and helped save many people from crumbling buildings.

BBB eventually found his way into the Elemental Force, where he can save people from more than just accidents. He uses his knowledge of bombs and his trusty pick-axe to lead the Earth house into battle. He's kind, smart, and knows how to use a weapon.

Name: Rauzer Ursa

Nickname: Ursa Minor

House: Earth

Age: 8

Gender: Male

Species: Grizzly Bear

Ursa Minor is the unbelievably strong son of an even more unbelievably strong bear named Galzer Ursa, AKA Ursa Major. But despite their strength, they always had different views. Ursa Major is a notorious villain known for showing off his strength. He wants to prove how strong he is, and takes pleasure in the fear of others because of his strength, as it gives him an ego boost. Minor, on the other hand, is admired for his strength. It all started when Ursa Minor intimidated a bully who was picking on another kid, and got thanked for it. This, of coarse, made Minor feel good about himself, and he learned to use his strength for good instead of evil.

Ursa Minor is the youngest and smallest of the Elemental Force members, but without a doubt the strongest as well. Even with his size, everything about him is massive, including his hands, feet, and arms. His skin is also incredibly strong, so he can afford to beat his mighty mitts against his chest with full force, another hereditary trait carried over from his father. He is so strong, he can even grab pieces of earth from the ground with ease to use as a weapon.

Name: Natasha Lashley

Nickname: Thumper

House: Earth

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Species: Tapir

Bio: Thumper is a barrel-chested pro-wrestler in the same league as "Snake-Arm Parry." ...And unfortunately Drilltooth Dragnar as well. A complete wrecking ball in the ring, she has seen few losses in the ring. She was the number-one contender for the title match against Parry, but lost her match against Dragnar beforehand. Parry and Thumper became pretty good friends afterward, and Parry helped her get a rematch, where she beat Dragnar, and earned her match. The match between her and Parry has yet to happen, however.

That's because Thumper learned about the Elemental Force through Parry. Interested in displaying her power, she joined the Earth house. She is an assertive feminist who doesn't take bull from sexism. She also has the power to grow twice her size, which of coarse she is not allowed to use in ring.

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