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GG Elemental Force: Heat House Members


14 November 2013 at 20:03:38 MST

The big guy is Flame Fanner, a huge turkey who's extremely skilled at martial arts, and doubles as a Pyromancer. The pig is The Scalder, a bumbling genius who looks to redeem the reputation of his failed inventions. And the one on top is Lightswitch, a firefly who lights the way of sailors in dark bogs.

Name: Rubius Cort

Nickname: Flame Fanner

House: Heat

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Species: Turkey

Bio: Rubius Cort is an undefeated champion of martial arts. He's HUUUUGE!!! so his opponents are often intimidated by this mighty giant at the start. The ones who DON'T become intimidated, however, find out that this massive martial artist is hard to hurt. Slow but steady, he can easily stand through almost any type of punch or kick thrown at him, and reverse it tenfold. Flame Fanner is also a decent pyromancer. He only uses his fire powers outside the ring, when mobs of poor sports try to maim him before or after a bout.

Not surprisingly, Rubius is the biggest member of the Elemental Force, as well as the bulkiest. ...But unfortunately, he's also the slowest. His low speed is off-shot by his incredible resistance to pain, so he will last longer in a fight than others probably could. He is also the captain of the Flame house. Outside the ring, he has made rivals with Yin-Fang. ...Yin-Fang is the only one who has ever beaten him in a fight.

Personality: He knows when to be serious, but outside the ring he's somewhat of a joker. However, he's not good at making people smile with his borderline annoying attempts at lightheartedness. For a hot guy, he's surprisingly calm, and yet he's a bit predictable and doesn't plan for curve-balls very well. Someone could likely cheat against him without him noticing.

Name: Ebenezer Coalfield

Nickname: Light Switch

House: Heat

Gender: Male

Age: ???

Species: Firefly

Bio: Light Switch is a swamp sailor who guides people along dark quagmires. Light Switch always sails in really dangerous locations, which is how he got his reputation as the Monster Bane. Always at the bow of a boat, he can always ward off dangerous monsters that attack his ship. He's especially potent when passengers are aboard. Light Switch is world renowned for being the toughest Swamp Sailor around.

Light Switch found his way onto the Elemental Force where he displays his shining powers in a fight. Despite not using fire, he found himself positioned in the heat house. That is because light is still a source of heat. His lanterns are powered by his own energy.

Personality: This delightful guy likes to act dark at times, but is too cheerful for his own good to get away with a dark personality, and he only attempts to use it in a fight. Lightswitch likes to use his lights not just in battle, but whenever necessary.

Name: Leonard Bork

Nickname: The Scalder

House: Heat

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Species: Pig

Bio: The Scalder is not the name of this pig, but the name of his famous invention: The Scalder. Leonard Bork is a pioneer of battle technology famous for many weapons. His infamous battle suit, The Scalder, is a magnificent piece of work. Made of pure White Metal, a substance that does NOT conduct heat, it harbors a fiery furnace in the back and a tank of water in the front. Attached to the tank are two guns that combine the power of fire and water to shoot steam, fire, boiling water, AND as included in a secret compartment in the tank, oil.

...Unfortunately, many models were made, but all were defective save his own. Many people died using his Scalder suits. But instead of going into depression, Leonard tried to better himself. Using his one working suit, he joined to Elemental Force to avenge the deaths of all who used his creations. ...And to hopefully raise money for more working Scalder suits.

Personality: He is overall pleasant, and is particularly confident in a fight, but easily has meltdowns when something doesn't go his way. He often gets overconfident in a fight, and often underestimates his opponents. He is good friends with the Cyber House member, Force Shield.

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