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The Healing Forgiveness by Mr_Zelox_Quo

The Healing Forgiveness


This was done because I decided to be the bigger man.

I decided that I was going to forgive the actions of someone who has been attacking me, bullying me, harassing me, defaming me, vilifying me.

I decided to move on, and not carry any kind of grudge, frustration or anger towards this person.

I decided to forgive them, look past their selfish lies and hate, and just... forgive them for their blind actions that they do without thought, logic or reason.

This artwork is inspired by the thoughts that lead me to forgiveness. That lead me to decide to do that.

Yes, being lied about, in such a harsh and damaging way was completely inappropriate.

And yes, the individual most likely has learned no lesson from it.

But I am going to be better than that. Better than them. I am forgiving and moving on.

There is no point dwelling in hostility, dwelling in the hate and bigotry of others.

It is best to work out what is best for YOU, and decide to do that.

I have decided forgiveness. I have made this artwork accordingly.

There is no similarity to anyone else. This was just an artwork about my feelings. This is not directed at anyone, it is merely me venting my thoughts.

I hope that you can enjoy. : 3

And, I also hope that you all have a wonderful life indeed.

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