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This is heavily inspired by the current climate of the furry subculture.

The Furry Raider group:

Are relatively constantly being called 'nazis'. Not only are they being called nazis, people are claiming that they are literally, proudly and openly 'in their own words' a 'nazi fur movement'.

Now, for such an extreme claim to be true. Surely that would mean that evidence would be readily available yes? Well. No.

I have yet to be provided with any evidence. At all. To support such an extreme claim.

Not only that, but folks also claim that they hate/are intolerant of/want to get out of the subculture of furry the Jewish people, Black people, Asian people, Non-Christian people, Muslim people, Homosexual people and Transexual/Transgender people.

This is, yet again, a rather impressive claim. With no evidence.

Heck, look at Foxler and Kody. They are going out, dating, and doing all kinds of things with each other. Foxler, the 'leader' of the Furry Raiders is a half-Thai/half-German 'mixed race' individual who is IN a homosexual relationship with a black man... really doing well proving that they hate/are intolerant of/want to get out of the subculture of furry all of those different groups many of which the founder/'leader' and his male partner... fall into...

It has even gotten to the point where the Furry Raider group is being banned from meets, just because... they are in that group. Because that group is being called 'nazis' (with no evidence yet supplied to support such a claim).

Anyway, all of these false claims got me thinking, and made me want to make this artwork. Taking inspiration from Nazi Germany (as a bit of a jab for the false claims of 'nazi' being thrown about), when looking at the Jewish people and the Arians. There was the 'issue' that the Jews... well... were white. And very hard to tell apart from Arians. Hence the star of David with JUDE in it. That way they could be removed from groups/buildings/meets/etc... easily after being identified.

Therefore. When looking to furry meets and conventions and things. Since telling a Furry Raider apart from a normal furry is virtually impossible. We could take inspiration. The star of David is an important symbol for the Jewish population. And many wear it by choice.

The Furry Raider paw print is an important symbol for the Furry Raiders. So, perhaps we should force them to wear a Furry Raider paw print. Possibly with SCUM in it. And they must wear it at all times. They will be let into some sections of the meet/convention (or maybe banned outright). But they must wear that thing so that all of the other furries can keep away from them and not get close to the horribleness that is the Furry Raider.

This is a piece of gift artwork for Foxler and Kody.

No offense is intended to them at all. Just was frustrated by the constant calls of 'nazi' against them with no evidence provided to support it.

Heck, if anyone who sees this artwork actually HAS any evidence to support the WHOLE OF THE FURRY RAIDERS BEING NAZIS. I would very much like to see it.

Please, provide it.

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