Pronunciation: It is pronounced phonetically (Zell-ox -:- Quo).

Greetings: Hullo there everyone who meanders across this page.

The Anthropomorphic Character: Essentially a mutt-thing, or a goat-blarg, of mixed species and questionable inheritance/genetics. Several different types of creatures caused the making of this one, so therefore a 'hybrid'. It has grown and changed over the course of activity in this subculture.

Personality: Yes, before you ask, am quite nuts. Do regularly have arguments with myself, both in head and out loud. These two sides have had a more personal and artistic flare given to them in the art-stuffs posted. Specifically there is a conscious type of character, which takes form in Psyke, or to write out the full name, Psychosis Dog, and the 'normal' personality depicted through Zelox.

Beliefs: Religious beliefs, none. Religious thoughts etc... don't have any. Don't believe anything. Can't. Looked into too many belief systems and then decided that humans said it was true, introduced it, had no great level of consistency, and then realised that humans lie, and that humans are asshats. Science wise though, am rather active and keep mind open to new ideas, concepts and theories. Also, am an egalitarian, mostly in the social and legal equality areas. That is actually something rather important.

Why here?: This is all an outlet. An artistic release, to be able to just do stuff, try out different styles, techniques, mediums. All for the fun of it. That is the reason for being here. Just to have some fun, and hopefully create different things which others can enjoy.

Commissions/Requests/Trades: Commissions are a no. Requests are a maybe. Trades are a [i]definitely[/i]. If there is something fun/interesting/different, and am free/in the mood/interested, then will happily do different things for different people (AKA: Requests or Trades). But, refuse to get paid for this. This, after all, is a hobby. And so, it is for fun. If there is some fun to be had in doing something for someone, then will probably do it, if not, then won't. Am very fickle, so yeah, part of the reason for not taking commissions also.

Final: Hope that you all have a lovely life.


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