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Professional sona swapper here!

I'm Satsuma, usually a Primarina.
Emphasis on usually.

I tend to draw all sorts and stuff that's SFW, although I do delve into cartoonish antic stuff like expansion, sizeplay etc too


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    Ok so, I think I'm ready to start posting stuff here!
    (I know I'm essentially talking to myself in the comments at the moment plus it's been like, five/six months but shush, it helps me lol)

    So, I'm not sure how far I'm going to go back, but I will start posting old artwork from my other galleries just to show what I'm all about.
    For those that are taking a peek here because I posted a Fennekin face:
    Yup, I draw the big friends~

    I also see a character reference submittion option, which seems really handy, given my compulsive character creating tendencies xP

    We'll see how it goes.

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    Here I be!

    So, just recently made a Weasyl acount and figuring out my way around.
    Still working out how I want to go about posting artwork:

    • Either I start posting my new stuff from now, or
    • I post some of my old works and timestamp them just to show how much I've grown and to give context to any new viewers as to what I'm about.

    Eh, I'll figure it out soon enough. :P
    For anyone new here, I hope you enjoy your visit to this odd corner of Weasyl!