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Mr Meowstic

Moxie / 31 / Just a lil guy / Hearthome

Just call me Mister!
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Hi there, it's me, Moxie! Your local autistic catboy! I'm a Meowstic/Inkling hybrid that occasionally designs creatures and writes short stories! I like cute things, fancy clothes, and good food! My primary fandoms are Pokemon, Splatoon, Monster Hunter, Runescape, and FFXIV! I don't have a very consistent artstyle yet and many of my submissions for the time being are going to be old, but do hope you enjoy what I have to offer feel free to say hi sometime :)

A couple ground rules I'd like to set -- just in case

  • While I will occasionally post NSFW content, I actually am quite shy about NSFW conversation so please don't take it personally if I don't have anything to say in response to a comment.
  • Some of my characters I would prefer to keep in exclusive relationships. I don't mind fan art, but if you want to pair one of mine with another character, please ask first!


Twitter (main)
Twitter (NSFW)



Create a Critter
$ 35.00
Lined Feral or Chibi
$ 20.00
add  Simple Colored
$ 5.00


Lined Feral or Chibi
$ 10.00
add  Simple Colored
$ 5.00

I've felt my general ability improve and I feel I could take some commissions! Most notably, I would like to take on creating brand new critters! I feel my biggest strength is ecological design in particular -- creating a living creature with their biology in mind to make it feel believable! Think of how Pokemon and Monster Hunter design their creatures.

I may also simply take some sketch request or collaborate if I think your character/idea would be fun to practice with! Feel free to DM me if you'd like to inquire about working together!

Right now I'm comfortable with the following:

  • Feral creatures and chibi anthros
  • Basic clothing and accessories
  • Simple from-scratch designs where I work out the process with you
  • Simple backgrounds and color, but may attempt something more if asked!
  • If your request is NSFW, I'd prefer to keep things somewhat tame with kinks
  • I may be willing to write a bit for an NSFW piece for an extra charge

Please refrain from requesting concepts that are graphically violent or abusive
However, cartoon violence is fine! Basically nothing beyond what you'd expect from a Pokemon battle.
I, of course, reserve the right to decline if I feel it's not something I can do or if I don't feel comfortable with the request



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