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Welcome to my page nerds
feel free to call me either Densy/Den/Gremble
whatever's fine to be honest!
my main goal in life is to make and hoard all the Grems
and become the greatest Grem lady that ever lived
please! enjoy your stay! i don't bite, trust me
its easier to do that when you're asleep anyways

Latest Journal

aahhh!! i havent been active here!

on 27 September 2014 at 15:44:41 MDT

with my introduction back into DA, ive been so lacking here ;;;; im so sorry you guys!
my messages got all derped out too so i had to delete them ghhh
if you messaged me in anyway and i havent replied, gimme a heads up!
hope everyone is alright here though! the cram for money for me is so real
god i hate having to save up for college

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Joined 20 January 2014

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    I love your art you are awesome you inspire me

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    hope your jobs aren't running you into the ground. I miss seeing your art ♡ find some time to kick back and take it easy, yeah? :)

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      haha, having two was a bit much for me, so i quit one, nonetheless though this job is like using every ounce of my energy
      i always come home tired, and it sucks BC i want to draw on here so badly -cries internally-
      thanks for checking up on me though kraine, i appreciate it ;;
      i feel so special o gosh

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        ugh I know the feeling 100%. braindraining jobs kill art-libido so hard. kudos on quitting the one though.

        I've gotta draw my gremble again digitally, I doodle him plenty on napkins and paper and shit but I haven't gotten to my tablet in ages. SOON. because he's a cutie.

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    it's all ogre now