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hey there! i'm zee/noa, i'm an artist from socal that cries over children's media a lot.

i post new drawings every day on my tumblr!



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summer can be fun, but i'm glad june and july are over with!!

come on fall, get here quickerrr =3=

i'll be cross-posting some stuff from my tumblr over the rest of the day! sorry in advance for the flood in your inboxes.

---To Do---

*C Ports - Y3 {2/10}

*C B - Y3 {2/10}

* C C F - Y3 {2/10}

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    Your gallery and art style is absolutely wonderful, both the sketchy pictures and the more polished ones. So full of life and character. Beautiful! I look forward to see what else you post. :)

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      uwaaa, thank you very much!! i'll try my best to make lots of beautiful things!!!

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    Thank you for the follow! >w<

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    I just saw one of your pieces on the front page about 10 minutes ago. I thought I would save you the fave spam and just let you know that I love the whole gallery. They are all excellent, the colors and the textures and just the absolutely undeniable passion that's been poured into each digital canvas. If I were to be so incredibly bold, I think the very fact that I am now aware of your existence (and your work) has pushed out on the very boundaries of my happiness.

    I'm glad that you exist :)

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      thank you so much for your extremely sweet and thoughtful words! honestly i've been having a hard time of things recently, and you've just picked me right up. ♥♥♥ never lose your kind spirit!!

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    Thanks for the follow!

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    I love your style~ I

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    Oh no problem, your work is great! Thanks for following back! T uT