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Surf Pacific Anthrocon 2019 by MothMonarch

Surf Pacific Anthrocon 2019


9 July 2019 at 12:20:05 MDT

The Friends of Anthrocon had a blast at an island beach at Anthrocon 2019! This large illustration was done for the 25 foot wide convention center banner, and an adapted version was also used for the conbook cover as seen here.

I offered a poster version at my Anthrocon table - if you missed out, you can get one in the shop here! I also have posters of the "Welcome Anthrocon" pole sign available again, as those reappeared on the streets of Pittsburgh.

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    This is such an absolutely stunning piece, and I really loved seeing this on the convention center! But what's more, I squeed when I saw the chubby lil' otter dude, because for once, a furry poster/convention art actually included a more realistic body shape than only having slim characters! :3

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      Part of Anthrocon's goals with the Friends has been to have a variety of characters- older and younger, slender to chubby, noting to different cultures and gender expressions. Moth has done a wonderful job in this.
      Champ there is a hamster, though, not a otter!

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        Absolutely they did!! :D Love it!

        And whooops, goodness I didn't even pay enough attention to notice! Quite clearly a hamster and not an otter, too...! xD;