Friends of Anthrocon: Antonio by MothMonarch

Friends of Anthrocon: Antonio


9 July 2019 at 12:43:31 MDT

Four new "Friends of Anthrocon" were created for Anthrocon 2019 to represent convention partners to attendees and the public! I continued my position as Anthrocon staff for the fouth year in this ongoing project.

It remains important to me that these mascots express a variety of interests, body types, gender expressions, and so on to illustrate the welcome and open nature of the fandom at its best. The project has now also reached a new stage as we've begun to show the world of the characters together interacting - something we intend to keep doing and building on in the future.

For the AC Hotel, a brand-new partner, we have Antonio! He's ready to serve your drink of choice at the hotel's bar.

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    always wonder how these are done. how do people become friends of anthrocon???

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      They're not people or existing characters that belong to individuals. Each character is designed for each Anthrocon partner, which can be one of the hotels or another organization (the convention center itself has one, for example).

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        Neatos. This is an awesome character