STOLEN FURSUIT HEAD by MordrudesMonsters



9 December 2012 at 13:49:49 MST

I discovered on the 7th that someone has come into my workshop and stolen a costume head that was for all intents and purposes complete. I, my husband, and an additional friend have searched my entire property no less than 5 separate times, there is no chance it is just misplaced. NOTHING but this head is gone. My Version 1 head was sitting right next to this head, and I had several hundred dollars worth of furs out there with it, let alone several head bases, all of my molds, assorted other supplies, and my father's tools (probably over $1000 worth of tools).

No random person is going to steal just a fursuit head, with all of those tools right there.

I have contacted the sheriff, and made a police report. I will do my best to recover this head, but realistically there's not a lot I can do past this point. I'm hoping the police can help, especially because of the value of the item, but I am likely going to have to take the loss.

I ask that if anyone has any information, they please contact me asap. If the head is returned to me, no questions will be asked, but if I have to involve the police in the retrieval of it I will be pressing charges.

All the rest of my projects are inside my house, and all work shall be done in here instead of the shop indefinitely. Other commissoners need not worry, your projects are safe and accounted for.

I will likely be having a sale shortly to make a refund available, as I do not have the full funds available due to materials purchases. If you would like to donate, I will make my paypal available. Anyone who donates $10 or more will receive gift art from Foxfairy.

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    Oh gosh that is tragic. :C I hope that the thief is caught and your belongings are returned.. I'm so sorry

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    It's disgusting someone would do this. I hope you find the criminal.

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    :/ not cool. i'll keep a lookout for it at any meets.

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    EDIT: fave'd so i can download it on my mobile to keep with me