Players of the New World by MoonPhyr

Players of the New World


7 August 2015 at 21:44:46 MDT

Back in DeviantART, I slowly dished out the references of each character. After I finished with the last one, I spent 12 hours in a stream dishing this out: a wallpaper with all seven characters of Shisenota! :D From left to right is Ryosuke Kudoku, Narulay QianCheng, Shion Orianzu, Kotaru Koori, Dusk, Mohanie Harien, and Jet Blackburn.

Characters and such belong to MoonPhyr and Phyrixa Nocturne.

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Visual / Desktop / Wallpaper


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    This is a sweeet concept! I love how the lighting effects are used; it feels reminiscent of the opening screen for a video game. Nicely done!

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      That was the general idea of it. I was messing around with the lines and I was like "START will go here. Perfect B)"

      But yeah! The release of the comic is merely three weeks away! :D August 28th~

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    Omigawsh! If you have a link somewhere once it's released, I'd like to take a look! ^^

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      It'll be on dA, tumblr and Smackjeeves...although I'm wondering if I should put it here as well >w>

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        That's excellent news! I haven't been on my SJ in a long time since it tried to give me a virus a couple of years ago... but, I'm super active on my Tumblr! Maybe I'll look you up!

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          Awww yiss! My normal tumblr's MoonPhyr, while my reblog-blog is MoonPhyr-has-no-life. Shisenota has it's own blog, though, simply just shisenota XD