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Call for Help: COMMISSIONS

Moon here, sorry if I haven't been on here much, but I really need your help.

Where I live isn't the greatest, so to speak, and jobs are really hard to come by (believe me, I've been trying for about a year now), and just recently my phone service shot itself since switching to my new phone but I can't restart the plan because I found out that my card is -7, which is unexpected and aggrivating.

I can take humans, anthros, some fluff and all kinds of love, moderate violence or fanservice, canon characters and slight mecha, like androids and what not.

I will NOT accept hate art, nsfw, any and all fetishes, extreme fanservice and complicated mecha.

My sketches are 5-7 dollars, a dollar an extra character
Colored sketches start out at 15 dollars, 3 dollars an extra character
Simple shaded sketches start out at 25 dollars, 5 dollars an extra character
and full blown pictures are 50-60 dollars, 10 dollars an extra character.

I'm sorry if I lack a visual at the moment. I will whip one up soon enough.

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    Hi! Just letting you know I've moved from Neondelion to here, so if you'd like to re-watch me, I'll be here. :D

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    Really good art you got there, hope to see more!

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      Oh you'll defintely be seeing more from time to time :D (I'm more active on dA, but I can try to be more active on here too. Come to think of it....I do have some other stuff I need to submit now ._. )

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    No problem dude! Love your work ^^

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    Thanks for the watch!

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      My pleausre! :D

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    Thanks a lot for following me!

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      My pleasure! Your art was always a joy to look at on dA :D