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felted brooch

2 to 3 inch side view brooch
$ 40.00
front view of character 4-5 in
$ 50.00

All base cost cover four colors (small details of white or black will not count towards this price), pin backings are included in the base cost as well, if you would like two pin backings (to be extra safe) I can try to make that happen but it depends on how large your brooch comes out to be

Please send me a reference of your character, any particular expression or details you would like me to make sure are there, I can make collars or props (like bones or pizza) but this may add to cost.
please make sure the character reference you send me is clear and that the character is your own original character.
Fell free to message me with questions or to get a quote.

if your character has colors that I currently do not have on hand I will let you know how soon I can get those colors and how soon I can start!

I work in a more toony style currently however I'm willing to try something different if requested, such as adding rings or making it more realistic. I will do my best!

Thank you have a nice day~