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Adoptables+ Felted Brooches!!! - OPEN by mnstr-wlf (critique requested)

Adoptables+ Felted Brooches!!! - OPEN (critique requested)


30 May 2016 at 19:16:42 MDT

me and cyanpup cyanpup thought it might be fun to make some character designs and felted brooches!
So when you adopt these fellows you get not only a new character but a brooch that you can pin to your stuff and wear!
Both brooches were lovingly made by cyanpup cyanpup

1: Spicy: Hyena, $45

2: Cotton candy: Lion, $55


  • Comment to claim or message us, first come first serve
  • Payment is upfront through paypal: once paid for you will recive a high res file with your new character and the brooch will be mailed to you!
  • Must be willing to give us a send address for your brooch (we will ask for shipping cost above 5 dollars to be covered by the buyer, we would be mailing from the east coast US)
  • Once you adopt them the character is yours to do with as you please, change their design, gender, whatever they're yours to enjoy!!
  • if you resell price should be no higher than the original cost