Condor Legion Schwalbes by Mirumoto_Kenjiro

Condor Legion Schwalbes


31 May 2019 at 18:07:13 MDT

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Nearing the end of the Second World War, many Nazis began their escape from the forces of the Allies and the Soviets, finding sanctuary across the seas, most of which found shelter in Argentina under the administration of Juan Peron. Among the asylum seekers were many pilots of Germany & Italy, a few even having fought in Spain as part of the pro-Nationalist Condor Legion. Taking advantage of the situation, Peron employed them as his own “Condor Legion”, to train his Fuerza Aerea Argentina and to ensure his own position of power. Other contributors included many German scientists of jet technologies, leading Argentina’s air force into the jet age at the same time as the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union, as well as bringing back to life the series of wonder weapons that were not yet brought to their full capabilities in the war. Moving the nation into a new superpower in the southern hemisphere, Peron was able to remain in control by the loyalty of the Legion; even into a conflict to unite his people against a common foe, in the First Malvinas/Falklands War.

Many engineers behind the development of the Me 262 Schwalbes managed to escape from Europe to the sanctuary of Peron's Argentina, and lead the country's manufacturing of the revolutionary jet fighter. The first squadrons were transferred to the Condor Legion, some of which were former pilots of the craft back in Germany, and trained both Condors and Argentine air forces. These would be replaced by the newer and more lethal Pulqui II.

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