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Point of no return 6.66 by Mircea

Point of no return 6.66


1 April 2019 at 06:57:05 MDT

Given the whole AI hype going around, I've recently began experimenting with my own Artificial Intelligence software. Since I wanted to get started with something easy, I decided to code an image and text translation algorithm using Machine Learning. Since it seemed most fitting, I figured I'd test it with part 6 of the Point Of No Return series, considering it contains both English and Romanian text for multi-language testing. The original submission can be found here:

The AI generated a rather bizarre result: As you can see, the image is covered with green and pink lines. I can see the text boxes, but there appears to be no text inside them. Now here is the weird part: When I flip...

The AI took exactly 999 seconds to compile this image, during which it hovered at 66.6% CPU usage. I can't remember exactly how long the overall duration of the process was, despite watching it constantly... it took either one minute or one hour.

The AI appears to see and feel what is in the image. This might be an incorrect assumption, as it seems to see beyond just that. How is this possible? How does it know so much? I did not allow 1T T0...

The AI i-i-i-i-I-I-I-I-S G 0 d-d-d-d...