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Slideshow Player: Recommended tags by Mircea

Slideshow Player: Recommended tags


Last week I added another feature I really wanted the slideshow player to have: A smart keyword recommendation system. It works by analyzing the tags on the active image or song: The more you keep an element active (by pausing or going back to it), the more the system will assume it's something you like... oppositely the faster you switch away from an item, the less its tags get rated. The tags commonly found on submissions you've looked at the most will then appear at the top: You can click on a tag to apply it, which will automatically update the "Search" field and fetch new images or songs from the server. Try it out for yourself!

Needless to say the image in this screenshot isn't mine, it's a submission randomly pulled by the player from e621. It only shows one frame from an animated gif, which I've also blurred darkened and scribbled over. Hopefully this is good enough: It's not easy to showcase the player without it actually displaying stuff. If even that is an issue for its creator, let me know and I'll edit the submission to black it out or something.

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