Vore Tournament 2.0.0 - Download your copy now! by Mircea

Vore Tournament 2.0.0 - Download your copy now!


12 July 2017 at 10:46:00 MDT

You made this happen! Thank you everyone for your support.

Vore Tournament 2.0.0 is here. The release can be downloaded from Gitlab, and ran using the latest official version of Xonotic. Download VT 2.0.0 for Xonotic 0.8.2 at:


Installation instructions are located in the data_voretournament repository. For convenience I will list them here as well:

1 - Download and install the latest version of Xonotic from http://xonotic.org You might want to try a vanilla game first, to make sure the base game is working properly.
2 - Download the archive of the latest Vore Tournament release from this repository using the download button provided.
3 - Unpack this archive inside the base Xonotic directory, so that the "data_voretournament-" directory is sitting next to the "data" directory.
4 - Rename "data_voretournament-
" to "data_voretournament", deleting the extra names and numbers from the directory name.
5 - Launch the Xonotic executable with the parameters "-customgamedirname2 data_voretournament" from the command prompt or a modified shortcut. Example: "xonotic.exe -customgamedirname2 data_voretournament".

If you want to enjoy yourself to a fun little video before giving it a try, here's the official release clip I put together last week, which briefly shows footage from both the old and new game:


As always, if you like Vore Tournament and wish to support it, consider doing so on my Patreon. Your support is what made the project possible thus far, and what will make future plans as well as similar game projects happen! Keep VT as well as other games and animations going at: