Vore Tournament 2.0.0 Alpha - One week left to meet our goal for July! by Mircea

Vore Tournament 2.0.0 Alpha - One week left to meet our goal for July!


24 June 2017 at 08:02:22 MDT

As we enter the last week of June, I once again call upon fans of VT for their help: The $400 Patreon goal is only $50 away from being met. If 5 people were to pledge $10 each, Vore Tournament 2.0.0 Alpha could be released next month! Help make this happen: Support the project if you can, and spread the word to friends or communities whom you believe would enjoy the game! My existence and thus my ability to continue its development relies on reaching this target. Think you can chip in?

VT remains in feature freeze mode until 2.0.0 is out. Once that happens and 2.1.0 is on the radar, attention will primarily shift to the artistic aspect; More Xonotic stock assets will be replaced with VT relevant art, there will be new music, as well as proper bots and potentially an original campaign! Some great new features are also planned, most of which I'm currently keeping a secret until I decide how I will actually approach them.

A hosting solution for the VT release is currently being thought of, and I will likely make an announcement in this regard on my Patreon within the following days. In the meantime, other projects are being worked on which the community will surely find to their liking... including a CGI reminiscent of the animations I did many years ago, for which early previews will be available to the $5 Patreon tier soon.


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    Will this one have a Windows version?

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      Vore Tournament 2.0 runs on every platform that Xonotic runs on. This means Windows, Linux, Mac.