Kitty get belly by Mircea

Kitty get belly


30 May 2017 at 13:25:53 MDT

The past week was spent intensively on my little new project Voragotchi. The latest Git version contains a load of improvements and additions.

The kitty now has a full set of animated belly sprites! Alongside that, belly gurgling sounds have also been added. Both come in four variants:

  • No belly (0%- 25%)
  • Small belly (25% - 50%)
  • Medium belly (50% - 75%)
  • Large belly (75% - 100%)

Many improvements were also made to the engine: There is now an asset preloader, which makes sure all images and sounds exist and get loaded by the browser before the game begins... this guards against situations where the world starts but images are temporarily non-existent, in case the browser has a slower internet connection. I've also added a few more special variables, which can be used to read basic information about the browser and the user's system... this will be great for 4th wall breaking. The HUD design and button functionalities were also improved.

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