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"MINT" ( )
My character "MINT" the wolf represents my artist side. This is my gallery for rough art, doodles, and gift art stuffs that i draw for others. I do not RP, take requests from strangers, or draw porn. This gallery is also my social account and where i will be the most active socially, and also the easiest place to contact me.

"DIAL" ( )
My character "DIAL" the coyote who represents my writing side. This is my gallery for rough stories, flash fiction, and it is mostly unfinished works or works with minimal editing.


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on 13 May 2015 at 13:49:50 MDT

The last few years have been very difficult on my family after losing my grandmother two and a half years ago and my father just last October in a most unexpected way. A year ago before my father died, I was saving up for a very nice thank you/retirement trip for my mother. The last three months of 2014 were exceptionally rough as we dealt with the aftershock caused by the death of my father, so now more than ever me and my mother need to make this happen. Hopefully along the way we may find some closure, spiritual healing, and a chance to exhale some of the breath we are still holding inside. For myself this trip is exceptionally important as it is one of the last chances I may ever get to create some fantastic memories of my mother while I still can.

For the last year I have been slowly saving but have not met my goals by a large margin. I have only eleven months left and the stress is killing me. I need to raise at least $6000-$7000 more to pay for all expenses. My deadline is April 2016. As luck would have it I have been working on a new writing project and will be done initial written planning in a month or so. I will also be working on a large commission the next few months. I have been on a huge art block for nearly four years and have not had the will do much art or seriously put time into improvement and study. Now that the worst seems behind me and after what closure I was able to find from the unfortunate losses, some good seems to have come from it. My vigor and love for drawing seems to have returned to me just in time. This path has lead me to a rather obvious resource that I have ignored for many years. I will be watching my budget carefully for the next year but I can hopefully help supplement some of those huge expenses by making some of the money here through commissions.

Please let me know if you would like to help out. even small simple commissions add up and every little bit will help me along my way to my budget goal. I treat every commission I draw with pride and care and they will be far from the quick doodle sketches I often upload or artworks I draw in a few hours. Thank you in advance for any interest and any bit of help you can offer in the next year. Please send me a note on FA if you are interested and I will organize a live web chat to discuss details (using a temporary "join me" web link)

If you do not use FA then please contact me on; sofurry, inkbunny, weasy, or by email,
I will correspond with you in these places if you are not an FA user, but I will only be listing commission status on my main furaffinity page.

:iconneopuc: (multiple images) (paid) (preliminary sketching underway)
"all commissions below include some degree of color except the black and white comic strip offer"

(Quality Level 1: Simple art quality and quick color)
$20 Quick sketch with simple pose no background.
$30 head badges
+$10 (each) for... accessories, more complex character details/specific content, extra character.
+$10 more complex poses "such as slipping on a banana peel, or a terrified reaction pose"
+$10 for simple style background

(Quality Level 2: Medium art quality and medium color)
$40 More Detailed/shaded Drawing with simple pose.
$60 torso badges
+$20 (each) for... accessories, more complex/specific content, extra character.
+$20 more complex poses "such as slipping on a banana peel, or a terrified reaction pose"
+$20 for a more detailed style background
+$50 higher quality anatomy
+$50 higher quality color

(special offers)
$50 for a simple inked black and white comic strip style (3-4 panel artwork like Calvin and Hobbes)
+$10 add simple color
$100 for a medium quality full page action comic strip style like a page from a comic book
+$20 add medium quality color

(Discounts for multiple image series)
-$10 off total price for two page commissions, or comic strips/pages
-$20 off total price for three page commissions, or comic strips/pages
(people who desire multiple story images can pay for the first in a series and I will honor the above discount when they decide to pay for installments 2 and 3)

please note I do not draw porn, over abundant gore, overly sexual poses, or other extreme content. However I have no problem drawing just about any fetish besides what I just mentioned. But please understand the more complex you ask for the more I will want to make the price fair for the art detail/complexity.

1) Send me a note on FA, I will arrange a live online chat (using join me) when we are both online and available.
2) After details are sorted out and concept is clear to me, and I have any art references/character details, I will start on a very quick loose concept sketch. (this will be very rough for layout concept only but may be unnecessary if it is a small/simple commission)
3) After final concept is approved by you, I will request half of the full payment be transferred in USD via PayPal. When confirmation is received I will let you know. I will add you to my waiting list and when ready I will start your commission when it's turn is ready.
4) After I have fully completed your commission I will minimize it with an added watermark and upload it to FA with a note to you of its ready status. When the second half of payment is sent and confirmed received, I will upload the full sized unaltered image, and you may choose to upload it in your own gallery if you so desire. ( all I ask if you icon-link back to me with a direct link to the original artwork)


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