Nerding out on my own level!

Please ask about prices. Always updating and my commission page on here may not be accurate at all times.

My Fursonas / OCs:

Minara Silverfox
Clove Wintergreen
Da(Koda) Marelo
Pomeranian girl

Current Status:

Open for select commissions (for now)

I do:

Everything!! And it is all customizable!

Hoodies, Cosplay, and Other Sewing
Art (Digital and Traditional)
Badges (Digital and Traditional)
Ref Sheets (Digital)
Ears, Tails, Paws, Other Fursuit Parts
Resin Jewelry, eyes, trays, keychains, etc.
Parody Lyrics
Character Packs
Pillows, Slippers, Other Crochet Stuff
Audio and Voice
Stuff w/ Fur

Commission Queue / Slot List:

1) Wolf Plushie - Otto
2) Cat Dragon Fursuit - Asterfinn
3) Patreon Stuff - Karisa
4) Dragonite - Samantha Y.
5) Morti - Kos Ack
7) Ref Sheet - G-Root

Payment Methods:

Chase Quickpay

Feel free to donate!!

Cons Attended:

GLFC 2015 - Artist Alley
GLFC 2016 - Artist Alley

Upcoming Con Attendance:

Jafax 2016 (confirmed)

As a side note

Im ADD so I may jump from piece to piece. I work and take college classes so I can get busy. My roommate has a cat in case you are allergic (I do sanitize and keep supplies in a separate room, but stuff happens.. youve been warned).

Despite all this.. I will keep you updated, give wip when possible, check for final art changes, and take my time trying to make it my best effort. I take care of my commissioners.


Latest Journal

***FLASH SALE*** (Telegram Stickers / Art)

on 3 August 2016 at 02:57:00 MDT

I had to do some car repairs today so I am doing a flash sale. I will be open for a very limited time to take on telegram sticker commissions.

I usually charge $10 or more for stickers based on complexity. I will be doing these headshot ones for only $5. My hope is that more people will want them so I can make enough to pay part of the costs.

Please include which expression you want when asking for one.

I can do other cartoon styles as well.

I can make the pack for you on telegram if you dont know how to and if you plan on getting more stickers from me later then I will always be able to add them to it.


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Big Pillows
from $ 45.00
to $ 300.00
Custom Amigurumi Plushies (Fursonas, Pokemon, etc)
from $ 10.00
to $ 200.00
Custom Crochet (w foam base) Sona / Animal Paw Slippers
from $ 35.00
to $ 100.00
Custom Earrings (post or dangle)
from $ 5.00
to $ 15.00
Custom Polymer Keychains
from $ 5.00
to $ 40.00
Mini Faux Fur Tail Keychains / Clips
from $ 8.00
to $ 15.00
from $ 10.00
to $ 200.00
Personal Pillows
from $ 20.00
to $ 45.00
String Dolls
from $ 8.00
to $ 20.00


from $ 15.00
to $ 50.00
Custom Reference Sheets
from $ 35.00
to $ 300.00
Flat Color (with or without shading)
from $ 10.00
to $ 35.00
Full Color Painted
from $ 35.00
to $ 300.00
Full Sketch
from $ 20.00
to $ 25.00



from $ 15.00
to $ 50.00
Full Sketch
from $ 5.00
to $ 15.00
Ink (no color)
from $ 15.00
to $ 20.00

All of my prices will vary depending on the complexity of your request, the time allotted, and materials needed to complete it.

Please do not bug me about your art unless we discussed a reasonable due date on your commission.

I have the right to decline any commission that I do not feel I can do, take at the moment, or fulfill for any reason.

Please be specific if you are giving me a wordy description. Be organized so I can understand what I need to do without asking a million questions. I have a weird schedule and may have a ton of time to work on your commission when you are sleeping or on vacation.

Additional characters in any piece of art will be $5-10 extra from the base price that we discuss. You will have to take into consideration how much background and details are in your request when payments are considered.

Submissions with the likenesses of other fandoms are inspirations or fan art and I am not claiming the characters or original art as mine, just the creations that I physically make. I will never purposely try to infringe on anything.

If you find something I do and you think you deserve credit for something, please contact me in a calm matter and I will gladly evaluate where I may need to credit you.

Please do not beg for free art. I work full time and also take commissions. Im barely staying above water as it is. I will hold contests and giveaways as my time allows. Follow me on all my pages to be the first to hear about them.

I do not issue refunds on things but I will do my best to make sure everything is right before finishing something off. If something happens that is more extreme or my fault, then I will consider refunds case by case.


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