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Asterfinn - Cat Dragon Full Fursuit by MinaraHxC

Asterfinn - Cat Dragon Full Fursuit


This is Asterfinn, the cat/dragon. I finally finished this full fursuit commission and had the pleasure of helping the owner suit up for the first time so he could both get the feel of the order to put pieces on and so he could suit up for the first time. I cant even express how happy it made me to see how happy he was and how much fun he was having being his fursona/character. Im also super proud of my work and myself for sticking with it til it was done despite what life threw at me or him for that matter. Ive been waiting so patiently to finally post this and show everyone so I would appreciate if you tell others to look at it too :P (if they love fursuits of course)I made everything for this suit from scratch except the pawpads were supplied to me. They were made on Etsy. I custom made all the resin nails as well as the custom resin teeth. (If you need either of these for making a suit let me know)

I took a ton of pics. You can see some of them on my fandom fb page @FanspirationFox or my artist fb page @minarahxc for my business MinaraHxC LLC. Im also on twitter, insta, FA, etc @MinaraHxC or also @fanspirationfox on insta. If you want to follow me on tiktok im @minarasilverfox I did post a cute video of Asterfinn dancin around on TikTok.

Heres the link:

Thanks for looking and reading! šŸ„° šŸ¾

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