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The Gang 🦁 by MiLe-08

The Gang 🦁


Curiosity arises as the cubs encountered another lion pride roaming the Pride Lands, let’s hope they don’t get into trouble.

This is a remake of a sketch I did back in 2014 (You can check it out here), I always wanted to do a better version of it and explain who the characters are.

Back in the day I was very interested in, let’s say, reformulate TLK2: Simba’s Pride because, even though I did watch the film several times when I was a kid (Watched it more than the first movie lol), I grew less and less impressed by the movie as I got older, I mean, it’s usual that Disney sequels aren’t as good as the original and this wasn’t the exception but I do think that the movie has some good concepts just not well developed in favor of romance (Because it’s inspired by Romeo and Juliet, and because it’s Disney lol). With this I don’t pretend to diminish or make fun of anyone’s likes and I'm not saying it's a bad movie, by any means, I still enjoy the film as it is.

Anyway, as I said, this was an idea I had back then, so some details have escaped me since I never really wrote them down lol so I’ll try describe some details I remember about the characters, from left to right:

  • The first character we got here is none other than Kiara, Simba and Nala’s daughter. I’ve said several times that I wish Kiara wasn’t just another Simba clone, I know she doesn’t look that similar feature-wise but believe me, if the original team would’ve worked on the sequel she’d look almost exactly as him, just female xD I wanted to give her some of her mother’s features, so for Kiara’s design I took “Fluffy’s” (The cub you see at the end of the first movie) color palette and a combination of Nala and Simba’s features.

And this is where we get to the semi-canon part of the pic:

  • Right next to Kiara is Malka and Tama’s cub, who I decided to name Kopa, basically because the name is pretty good and wanted to use it but I also wanted to make Kiara the only heiress so I thought it’d be nice naming Tama’s (Nala’s friend) cub like that.

  • Now we get to the female cub next to him, she doesn’t have a name since I never actually thought of one, my bad, she’s Tojo’s daughter with an unknown lioness who passed away when she was just a baby.

  • On her right there’s Kula and Chumvi’s son, no name either, need to find a good name for those two lol
    Semi canon part is over.

  • Now we have Vitani, no big changes on her design since the original one is pretty good (Only her cub version though).

  • Right next to her we see Kovu. We all know he was going to be Scar’s son originally, which actually makes more sense character-wise than what we actually got because there’s no way Scar would have chosen an heir that wasn’t his own, so I decided to keep him that way, so Kovu is, in this version, Scar’s son. I decided to mix Scar’s features with Kovu’s features in TLK2 so he wouldn’t look exactly like Scar. His colors are obviously based on Scar’s but also on this study--> where we can clearly see that he would have almost exactly the same color palette as Scar if it wasn’t because of that filter or whatever they did to the colors they added to the movie.

  • And to conclude we got Nuka. I decided to add him to the pic, since he wasn’t in the original sketch I did. I didn’t change much to his design, it works pretty well, it evokes what it’s meant to evoke so it didn’t need any fixing.

I actually finished this pic months ago, I just forgot to post it xD

Thanks for reading if you did get here, have a cookie! 🍪 ^w^ ✨✨

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