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Sticky Aromatherapy (Chikorita TF) by Mewscaper

Sticky Aromatherapy (Chikorita TF)


8 February 2015 at 18:43:08 MST

"A scent that just sticks to you!~"

It smells nice, although you find it so saturated and thick that it almost sticks. It’s really hard to remove, actually. Of course, before you know it, you’re pint-sized, shiny, and squeaky, and you seem to be able to generate the scented, sappy stuff on your own.

Now, if such an existence worries you, you can consider two things. Before, you know, such an existence thoroughly takes over.

Firstly, you’ll find yourself, soon enough, to be completely like-minded to your nuzzling, affectionate companions. You’ll take up a squeaky, if not simple role, a bearer of airs all natural yet curiously shiny-creaky, to others who, surely, you must convince of your shininess~ Not a difficult task, now being cute enough for the job. You’ll have blissfully forgotten that there was any sort of problem in the first place.

And secondly, it could be worse. You could have accidentally picked up the Rank of Gloom bottle back at that incense shop~

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    Some might call it a sticky wicket, but soon enough they won't be worried about wickets any longer and that's a much better situation!