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Stream Batch 58-1 by MentalCrash

Stream Batch 58-1


Aaand, here's the results of a new Stream Batch, a very heavy week this one, lots of super long streams, but well, here it is!

1º viperwing started this set with a TG sequence, viper has seemingly been diagnosed with going through a second puberty, a female puberty :V and here we see her throughout the years, getting used to her new body and all the teasing that comes with having such large femenine... Features.
2º TheUrbanLegend52 & Redmond17 got a SuperCrown pic, starring themselves, seemingly Mona had been turned into Rosalina, but now they've both swapped costumes, and both think the other looks just absolutely stunning, couldn't they agree to just agree they're both gorgeous?
3º Nassley got a pic with Salas, I guess it is supposed to be TGWG maybe? Salas has turned into a fat lady with some sort of high class, high class job, keeping Nash as her assistant/gofer, needing him for everything, up to even serving as a pillow.
4º - ALT infuscomus got a Ginosaji pic! Starring both of us, with me as The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon, tormenting him. There's a version of this pic with colours, but it didn't fit in the canvas, I'll post it once I post the separate pics.

Second Canvas
Third Canvas

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