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Stream Batch 58-2 by MentalCrash

Stream Batch 58-2


Here's the second canvas of latest Stream Batch!

1º LyhokoLeaci got a sequel of sorts to the Nerdlaci set, where he had turned into fat nerd girl after trying out the AGW 1.1.
In this pic she has tried out the AGW 1.0, the twinning one, to maybe remove the nerdiness by transforming into a semi clone of me, but... Well... I'm kind of a nerd already ain't I? Anyway, it didn't work :y
I always wanted a younger sibling, I guess you get to kind of be my shorter, fatter, nerdier, hairier, pimplier twin?
2º Nathan_B, GardeHexe, Mad-Hatter-Ison got a new addition to this pokemonification pic. Madison has turned into a lil' shiny Ralts, with GardeHexe and Nathan being quick to adopt her.
3º TheAmazingTGWriter simply asked to be drawn as a vampire milf, looking quite sexy, and beckoning the viewer.
4º SomariaMoon got a splatoonification pic, in her octoling form, wielding the new bow weapon. This makes for a nice replacement for the first time I drew her, the anatomy didn't really look that good in that pic.
5º TheRoseQueenAlexis has joined the MC Scouts, only she's selling a new variety of the transforming cookies? And is wearing a different type of girlscout outfit, fit for winter!
6º PersonaPhones is trying out the AGW 1.9, becoming an ice skating ballerina.
7º IrateResearchers is halfway through transforming into a whale girl, of course with weight changing to fit her new body.
8º Hypershadic123 has been sent to Fire Emblem Three Houses! With Dorothea mistaking her for Lindhardt's younger sister, why is she dragging her away like that? Where is she taking her? o:
9º theheroofdarkness got a continuation to the reindeerification sequence he started in the last FFA, after peeking inside a gift box he shouldn't have, turning into a sexy, busty, super hourglassy reindeer girl.
10º IrateResearchers got a sequel to the moth girl pic he got in the Halloween Batch, I guess this answers what he was asking then. Hide your lamps!

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