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Stream Batch 36-3 - Halloween by MentalCrash

Stream Batch 36-3 - Halloween


6 November 2020 at 20:39:01 MST

Third and final canvas from the Halloween Stream Event!

1º Goldwyn11 turned into a god-dayuuuum hot Succubus, and what a perv, wanting to hold hands, scandalous!
2º OREOSOME got a pic of a manly Shadowrunner Orc turned into a little chubby fujo dragon girl, I prefer her in that form, don't you? :3c
3º Alkonium commissioned their Drow character Nierra Diral dressed up in the Guild Wars 2 Noble Count Outfit, I guess this kinda qualifies her as a Drow Vampire?
4º IrateResearchers got the final pic of the batch, of their character Teresa eating some Yurei Taffies, inadvertently turning herself into one, kukukuku~
Wait, does this mean she died?

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