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Awkward Paradox -Textless- by MentalCrash

Awkward Paradox -Textless-


17 September 2020 at 19:36:57 MDT

Yet another variant of the fourth pic from the latest sketch stream event, Kinderification!

Commissioned by LyhokoLeaci and TheRoseQueenAlexis, This is a variant a textless version showing only Violet and Hina, AKA myself...

In two forms?
Looking at each other?
What is this?
What does it mean?
What does it do?
Why oh why? o:

It seems like Hina Hana, the version of myself regressed by Yuno, has met with a version regressed by TheRoseQueenAlexis, the names on the hats indicating this version is called Violet... Mmm... I do like the name I gotta say >3> I just hope this doesn't cause some sort of time-space paradox.

Version with All Four Characters
Version with Leaci and Rose only
This Same Pic but with text

Full Canvas