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Is It Summer Yet? - Chapter IV by MentalCrash

Is It Summer Yet? - Chapter IV


Ah, finally get the chance to work on this, the cover for Chapter IV

Went with something slightly more creative for this one, several different scenes important to Charlie, presented as shattered glass, with the autumn leaves flying through. The latest comic page showing Charlie about to start working at Robin's Café, so here's where we'll get on going.

This is something I've talked with a few people, I've already set on what's likely the total amount of chapters, but it's not something I wanna mention publicly, suffice to say I already have the whole story in my mind.

As I had mentioned in this journal, from this chapter and onwards I'll switch to the quicker style I've been doing on streams, meaning I'll also draw these pages on streams once in a while, shorter streams than usual though, I'd just need to plan the page formatting as I usually do, here's hoping this can finally help make the comic go faster. I'm actually quite optimistic about it.

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    wow just wow
    sips tea
    This is so deep and shows the story progression almost to a t. Charlie's world is breaking due to this thing and it is affecting him/her mentally. This is just brilliant.