Is It Summer Yet? - 103 by MentalCrash

Is It Summer Yet? - 103


27 May 2020 at 10:44:23 MDT

Single page update this time! I've had this one half done for quite a while now, I wanted to try doing it on sketch mode but... I guess it's kinda hard to break the habit of going over details too many times. I have to try to draw some of the future pages if I can ever hope to pick up some speed with these. I'll write the scripts for the next pages and try to get at least part of them drawn on livestream.

Anyway, Charlie is about to start her first shift at The Dutchman café, still quite nervous about it, but Vale is absolutely right, is not like Robin will make Charlie wear a maid dress for the job (Which is a pity), so she just needs to think about it as any normal job :T

A couple background characters were added as clients for patsy jj and Sbalio for their support at Patreon.

And another small detail, I'm drawing the pages on double the dimensions for the canvases as before, but I'll be submitting them here at the same dimensions as usual, it wasn't my initial idea but some of my galleries on other websites can't handle pictures above 10MB, if you want the full resolution version I'll be posting these on the "HD Folder" which you can access with the second reward tier at my Patreon.

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