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Kopf oder Zahl Addendum by MentalCrash

Kopf oder Zahl Addendum


15 March 2020 at 18:53:11 MDT

Ninth sketch of the latest stream!

XXLPlakat got a new addition to the Heads or Tails pic he commissioned last year, set several years later, with our poor lil' princess having now blossomed into a queen, it's funny, she seems to have kept some of her male look now that she's once again an adult, but heh, that chest doesn't lie :y As explained in the text, she lost the coin, becoming unable to turn back into her former male warrior self:

Panel 1: "A magic coin uh? I wonder what it does"
Panel 2: "Oh, not again!"
Panel 3: "If I hadn't lost that stupid coin, I wouldn't have had to grow up again"

I also uploaded this in English, if you wanna read it.

The Full Canvas