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Hexavier & Zoyruavic by MentalCrash

Hexavier & Zoyruavic


Tenth pic of the latest sketch stream event, Hex Maniacation.

IrateResearchers' Xavier underestimated the powers of spooky AGW 1.2, and got turned into a giggling Hex because of it, the demoness beside him is synnymon's very own Pyruvic, who seems to be there quite clearly against her will, I wouldn't put past Xavier to have summoned and enslaved her somehow. Whatever the case, she wasn't underestimating the AGW, but got turned into a happy half demon Zorua because of it, seemingly completely transformed as her thoughts don't indicate her previous self is still in there. Only case of non Ghost-Type in this batch. Fitting that it happened to a demon maybe?

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