Sketch Batch 12-2 by MentalCrash

Sketch Batch 12-2


14 September 2019 at 02:19:22 MDT

The second canvas from Thursday/Friday's Picarto sketch stream :>

1 1,2º Jaker17 asked for two new additions to the Succubus TF TG set he had requested on previous sketch batches, this one being part 1, then the two in this canvas being parts 2 and 3, then this one being part 4.
2º BunnehWyld asked for a simple pic starring ClaudiaWah's Claudia, the hyper tits anthrolicius Red Panda and Dracos123's Super tall super buff Dragon Girl Dee, taking a walk together, Claudia is kinda short but she isn't suuuuper short, it just so happens that Dee towers pretty much anyone.
3º KAIZA-TG and TheUrbanLegend52 got transformed into Pokemon Girls! Kaiza into Bea (from Sword/Shield) and UrbanLegend into Maylene (from Diamond/Pearl). It doesn't seem like a coincedence that they're both fighter girls, it's clearly not accidental that it happened, Mika, KAIZA-TGs purple haired OC seems to have done it just to help them cosplay :V
I wouldn't really say they're mad about it tho :3c

The Other Canvas


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