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Sketch Batch 12-1 by MentalCrash

Sketch Batch 12-1


That's a new Sketch Batch!, From Thursday/Friday's Picarto Stream :>

1º Turbosalt asked for a new addition to the Rat Levi pics, the previous steps you can see here and here. So my Imp self has kept on doing mean things to her uh? I wonder what type of Twili concoction can make you pregnant? Why would they even invent that?
2º ComvFR quite simply asked for a pony version of himself, a Pegasus Stallion with a Flame cutie mark.
3º infuscomus ... Asked for a Buff version of myself? Damn, I'm looking good :V It's funny, I initially turned down the idea since I'm not really into muscle girls, but eh, it seemed like a funny thing to try, now 1vs1 me, faggot! Do you even lift?
4º Nassley is being sat on by a super fat version Spatula Queen Ukyo Kuonji from Ranma ½, I dunno about you but I get the feeling he isn't really mad about it. Or maybe I'm mistaken and that nosebleed is a side effect of the huge pressure on his spine, either way I guess he'll die happy :v
5 1,2º Geistisasked for two new additions to the previous panels he had commissions where he, Scott, gets regressed after seeing some misterious thing on that blue laptop, you can see the previous panels here and here. So my MILF version is quite the expert mother uh? Or well, I guess I'm at least good at calming down crying babies, but his mommy never showed up, what was I supposed to do? Send him to an orphanage? Not on my watch! I'll make sure you grow up again feeling happy and loved.

The Other Canvas

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