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Sketch Batch 05 by MentalCrash

Sketch Batch 05


A new batch of sketches from last night's stream: has joined the HuCows! ( ) And she has quickly gotten into, my my, what nice big milky udders and pudgy tummy :> asked for a shrunken... Wait, still shrinking, version of myself, I mean there is technically something wrong with my glasses, they're as big as my head already, and they're getting heavy ;_; character Brittany has been turned into an Imp by H-exe lol, you were so shocked about it before ( ), how come you've just embraced being an Imp and got around transforming others? I guess being such a cute little Imp contributed to you enjoying that form :> Also it seems like you can avoid HuCowification ( ) by turning into an Imp? What form would you choose? being stalked by the fat ghost lady who ends up posessing him and turning him into a BBW ( ). This would simply be the "before" scene. Has turned into a Chocobotaur Girl? Dayum, either it was some crazy glitch or Somaria reeeeally fucked up with the spell. Does this count as monster girl? and I are getting married! Wearing Gardevoir styled wedding dresses, she's so cute, and I'm so happy to be with her :> simply asked for some TF2 fan art, strange how Soldier x Zhanna manage to be such a lovely couple by the virtue of both of them being insane fighter who love maiming.