Sketch Batch 04-2 - [Mooing Intensifies] by MentalCrash

Sketch Batch 04-2 - [Mooing Intensifies]


17 June 2019 at 06:05:50 MDT

From Last Night's Stream:

Had to put these cows on a different canvas since they were too fat many to fit on a single canvas without shrinking the layers, which kinda defeats the purpose >3>

So this serves as a sequel to both of these pics:

So it IS contagious, and holy moly the herd is increasing, could this turn into a world threatening plague? ... Not necessarely, Our cow sleves just enjoy grazing, being docile, happy cows and poking each other. and I are now growing some sexy new clothes to match our new features, and my oh my do our victims fall for it quickly :3c 's character Noemi has gotten quite fat overall, and MrSebi just loves poking that soft goodness, I mean how could she resist? Noemi certainly can't, can't focus, can't foooooooocus. Is pregnant, with a calf maybe? And she seems to have gotten into hard enough that she actually wants to turn other people into sexy chubby cows, other people, like you! 's character Sandy got blessed by thunder thighs, and from what I mention, a super pretty tail, she was also trying to resist it, but who could possibly say not a couple of well placed Moos~?

Is this group going to grow further? Possible, we're already five, and it's clear getting the HuCowification is quite easy o: