It Happens Every Year by Megan Bryar

It Happens Every Year

Megan Bryar

28 November 2016 at 17:07:45 MST

Angry fox noises

Those damn little tree lights. It happens every year. No matter how neatly you roll them up, no matter how carefully you store them, they're always a huge, tangled mess every time you take them out of the box again twelve months later. It's a lesson that Cassandra learns anew every year at about this time. It goes without saying that her bar isn't exactly the most family friendly place int he world, but a bit of festive cheer helps to bring in the customers and it brings back pleasant memories of the past. If only her girlfriend would stop giggling in the corner and give her a hand!

Fun fact: I believe this is the first picture of Cassandra where she's fully clothed!

Art belongs to mattakushinzu
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Cassandra Lynn Cooper belongs to me.

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    Although it makes me giggle to see her all wrapped up like that, that is exactly why I always buy new lights whenever I plan to put lights up.

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      Smart bunny! Cassandra could learn a thing or two from you.

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        I'd be willing to bet we could both teach each other a few new tricks. ^^

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    Just stand there for the next month or so and we don't have to put up the tree. ;)

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      I'm sure her girlfriend would love that. But her customers would probably get a bit antsy if they had to wait a whole month for another drink.

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        Hehe. I forget, did we discuss her powers?