Natalie Sumner by Megan Bryar

Natalie Sumner

Megan Bryar

17 October 2016 at 15:43:31 MDT

A cute little pin-up of my gorgeous Unidonk Natalie. She's such a sweet little thing.

Name: Natalie Sumner
Species: Donkey/unicorn hybrid
Sex: Female

Age: 23 (approx.)

Birthplace: Free City of Jaspertree
Parents: Unknown

Born under the name Deichtire in 1320 V.C.Y. Natalie was abandoned by her parents in an orphanage in the Free City of Jaspertree some months later. She was bounced between foster homes for most of her life before she was ultimate sold into slavery in the Silver Street brothel in her late teens. She was freed a year ago in a revolution that swept through the city and she took the opportunity to flee to the island of Viridis and she has never looked back.

She was given her current name by the first people who adopted her, as they were the only ones who were kind to her. Unfortunately, her original adoptive parents were murdered when she was only seven years old in circumstances she refuses to ever discuss. She considers them the only true family she ever had.

Her collar and cuffs are a relic of her life as a slave and are permanently bonded to her. She is slightly self-conscious about them, knowing that people will make certain assumptions about her on seeing them.

She is still something of a work in progress.

(As for why she's a donkey hybrid and not a mule, well, unicorns aren't horses are they?)

Art belongs to icefire
Their post:

Natalie Sumner belongs to me.

Natalie was originally designed by vikacala who was kind enough to let me steal her away for myself.

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    she is pretty !^v^ :-)

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      Thanks so much! I think so, too.

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    She's just too adorable. ;) What a gentle face. ;)