Musical Doe by Megan Bryar

Musical Doe

Megan Bryar

30 May 2016 at 08:24:50 MDT


A wonderful surprise gift from ladyheather ladyheather who is such a sweetheart! I'm currently learning to play the mandolin, a fact which I mentioned in a recent journal, and Heather surprised me with this absolutely gorgeous picture of me relaxing with said instrument. I'm nowhere near this competent yet, being only on day three, but I've no doubt I'll get there. Which will doubtless come as a relief to my poor cat who has been glowering from her perch on the windowsill every day.

Art belongs to ladyheather / heatherscorner so please do go and check her work out if you like this!
Her post:

Megan Bryar belongs to me.


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    You're such a pretty and talented doe!

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      Aww, you're so sweet! You're a really talented mare, yourself, and absolutely gorgeous!