One to Share by Megan Bryar

One to Share

Megan Bryar

31 March 2016 at 13:42:57 MDT

Jessie such a little show-off. It seems she enjoys posing for her darling wife Liane. Who, I'm told, is quite handy with a camera. Of course, most of these photo sessions are kept private, and who can blame them? But every now and then they'll let a photo slip, just to tease the rest of us. Here, Jessie poses in a lacy bit of lingerie to show us just how lucky her wife really is.

I hear tell that it didn't stay on for very long after this picture was taken, but that's all Jessie gave me except for a tooth-filled smile.

Art belongs to clemikou clemikou
Her post: Pending

With many, many thanks to my very dear friend lianer for commissioning such a beautiful picture!

Jessamine Alice Rabbitfangs belongs to me.

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    oh my mum err ummm yeh i got nothing XD !! ^v^ :-p

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    I wonder when I'll formally meet this young lady. :) One step at a time though, I'm still working through Oseille!

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      I think I still have her story posted to my FA gallery. It's a huge mess, though!

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        Oh, I know how that is... So many projects to work on and I've slacked off the past couple of days... I still have an Iridescence story to finish, an MLP, and a Journeys before I can move on to the next batch. Anyway, take your time, get to them when you can and so will I. ;) I've got to do the story of General Hasting's escape from the Talwyn capital, which I think I'll hold for release since I have a couple that I want to keep.

        Still left to write is part 2 of Caspian's origin, Caspian's awakening in the modern era, a two part story of what happens to Lauren after the Viridis incident, and then a novella also to be held back for Chris's story of running the resistance.... That's just the Iridescence stuff. ;)